April 19, 2017

About us

We owe our success to the long-term relationships we manage to build with our customers, and to the values, such as open communication and mutual respect, which we aim to maintain with our partners. Our performance in the past few years, the company growth and the increased number of satisfied customers, shows the success of our strategy.

“DMG Consult“    is a company which is specializes in managing and collecting claims regarding overdue debts, as well as providing call center services. We provide our partners with solutions for developing stable and long-term relationships with their customers, for managing accounts more efficiently, and for increasing their overall revenue.

We have at our disposal a private call center facility which allows us to handle up to 250 inbound and outbound calls. Our highly-trained staff and the software specifically developed for the particular line of work guarantee effectiveness and swiftness when handling a large customer base.

“DMG Consult“ handles every call with effectiveness and professionalism, seven days a week, twelve hours a day. We handle every customer with our full attention, regardless of the scope and size of the project.