April 18, 2017

Call center

Supply of call center services

 „DMG Consult“ Ltd. ‘s call center services allow its clients to outsource business process in order to optimize their expenses. For each of its clients „DMG Consult “ provides individual solutions which meet the requirements of their business field. Our goal is to assist the growth of your business. We offer our professional services to handle inbound calls addressed to your business; this will decrease your operational costs and at the same time provide better service for your customers.

Outsourcing has many advantages – it lowers the need to hire new staff members in your own company, it makes it easier for the customer to reach you, and it lowers the error rate with customer service. All of this will make your company more competitive in the market. In direct marketing campaigns, the number of inbound calls may vary. If your office cannot handle the volume of calls at some point, it will inevitably result in loss of potential business.  Your partnership with „DMG Consult “will guarantee that you never lose potential business in such circumstances.

“DMG Consult“ will answer all calls that are directed to your business, professionally and efficiently. We handle every customer with our full attention, regardless of the scope and size of the project.

Dealing with inbound and outbound phone calls:

  • Advertisement campaigns;
  • Servicing a media campaign with votes over the telephone;
  • Marketing campaigns;
  • Receiving calls and registering winning contestants of promotional games.

Servicing a retail network:

 Receiving order purchases and deadline demands;

  • Providing customer care regarding price inquiries and availability of goods;
  • Informing customers about the offered products and services;
  • Handling returns and warranty claims.

Outbound marketing campaigns:

  • Conduction of polls and surveys;
  • Phone interviews;
  • Doing research on the customer satisfaction rate of existing customers;
  • Establishing outbound calls with the aim of a direct sale of a product or service.

Servicing web pages and Facebook pages:

  • Answering FAQs.


Handling SMS and Email services:

  • Sending reminder messages;
  • Presenting a new product/service to end consumers through SMS;
  • Sending congratulatory SMS messages and emails;
  • Answering customer emails.

We offer:

  • Assistance with tailoring messages which include your entire information;
  • Sorting information according to type of client, means for sending a message, and message interval;
  • Correct and effective information delivery through a specialized software for sending short messages (SMS);
  • We guarantee that all the messages will be received according to your preferences and instructions.

Our current clients and business associates shared why they chose DMG Consult Ltd. over the competition:

  • The telephone calls are recorded, which allows you to listen to them at all times;
  • Receiving and sorting out calls based on pre-determined criteria;
  • Daily report about the number of inbound/outbound calls, messages, and emails;
  • Overall assessment of campaign success;
  • Responsible advertising and direct marketing;
  • Level One help desk;
  • Written and verbal assistance for your internet page.