February 28, 2021


DMG Consult offers its clients services regarding collecting overdue debts through both in court and out of court actions on behalf of the creditor. The company is mainly focused toward utility businesses, banks and other financial institutions, trade firms, and telecommunication providers. With our fairness and consistent customer care, we will bridge the gap for our partners that stands in the way of their stable growth.

DMG Consult has proven to be a reliable and long-term partner. What separates us from our competitors is:


  • Year-long experience in collecting arrears from the common sector, which is characterized by the source of the debt and the type of debtor;
  • Constant communication with the creditor. Delivering weekly and monthly reports;
  • Monthly and current analysis of the uncollected arrears and taking the appropriate action for acquiring said arrears;
  • Developing an individual approach for each customer, which is selected based on the customer’s specific behavior – gentle and informative reminder; mediation and assistance for the debtor and for unpleased customers; persistent, formal, and strict professionalism towards customers declining to pay their debts;
  • We can proudly claim that we are one of the few companies who have at their disposal a team for personal visits. We also have specialized software which keeps a profile for every individual debtor, as well as information about how many times each debtor has been contacted by our team. In addition, we have software solutions which make it possible for the creditor to apply effective and regular control over the actions of our team.


Out-of-court actions

DMG Consult LTD manages wallets of arrears. The call center department is equipped with a facility which allows for up to 250 inbound and outbound calls simultaneously.

  • Sending informative and reminding letters
  • Visiting addresses directly and negotiating with the debtors

Collecting debts through direct contact is handled by a staff member of our Direct visits team. We offer such services throughout the country. With the aid of our private visit department, debt collections become even more effective.

  • Private meetings and negotiations with debtors


In court recovery of arrears

In the events when an out of court settlement is not possible, our organization offers its clients consultations for court actions and provides them with assistance for the gathering and filing of the proper documentation. We provide our clients with precepts and documentation for enforcement proceedings.

Benefits for the client regarding the recovery of arrears through both out-of-court and in-court actions.

  • The client-creditor’s human capital is not engaged in the process and the focus on the main workflow is not interrupted;
  • Higher financial discipline in client-debtors;
  • Higher rates of arrears recovery through timely actions of true professionals;
  • Increase in the opportunities for the creditors to make their own personal payments;
  • Minimal expenses for recovery of arrears;
  • Higher revenue for the client-creditor;