February 28, 2021


Etailers / Retailers
DMG’s specialist etailer customer service team, helps online retailers to manage their customers more effectively and for longer hours.

Through its 24/7/365 service, DMG Consult can answer inbound queries, take credit card orders, direct customers to their nearest store, provide information and capture customer details to be forwarded to clients instantly or daily.

In order to provide the best service possible for customers, DMG Consult can integrate directly with the client’s order processing or CRM system, over the internet or through secure VPN connections. Alternatively, where access is available through an online application, this can often be locked down to DMG Consult’s static IP address for security purposes and ease of use.

Bureau or Dedicated Service
For companies that typically receive 200 to 300 calls per day, this service is likely to be delivered using the Bureau team, which is a shared desk facility. All call centre agents are professionally trained in handling etailer calls, and clients benefit from the experience gained across multiple sectors including travel, health and leisure, fashion, FMCG, pets, jewellery and watches, TV shopping, ticket lines and many many others. The service is charged to clients on a per second billing basis.

For companies that consistently receive more than 300 calls per day, a Dedicated Agent team or a blended Dedicated/Bureau solution may be more appropriate and cost effective. The Dedicated call centre teams work solely for an individual client, and can therefore offer a complete end to end service including inbound and outbound calls, email response and fulfilment

The e-tailer service can be deployed as a complete outsourced customer service department or alternatively on an overflow / out of hours basis.

Typical Transactions

  • Product queries
  • Track and trace
  • Credit card orders by phone
  • Nearest store
  • Billing queries
  • Returns and complaints
  • Head office queries

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