February 28, 2021


Our inbound reservations and bookings services are used by businesses and organisations of all sizes and complexities, including:

  • Hotels and Inns
  • National and International Airline Carriers
  • Clinics & Dentists
  • Leisure Companies
  • Ticket Sellers & Resellers
  • Seminar Companies
  • Concert Venues
  • Shows & Fairs

For hotels and inns, while receptionists and on-site staff deal with personal visits from prospective customers, DMG Consult’s centralised service using an experienced inbound call centre team alleviates the long-standing industry dilemma of what’s more important, the telephone enquiry or the personal enquiry.

DMG Consult adds exceptional value, experience and expertise to the overall consumer journey, from enquiries through to sales, reservations and bookings.

Travel & Tourism Call Centre Services
DMG Consult’s experience in the travel and tourism industry stretches back to 2002 with our very first client being a tour operator, and since then we have worked for travel businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a global player in the travel and tourism industry or a smaller enterprise looking to put a highly professional face to your reservations and bookings department, DMG Consult offers inbound call centre services that both adds value to your own service and effectively and efficiently manages the customer journey.

The benefits to your business are immediate
Outsourcing your telephone reservations, bookings and enquiries frees up your staff to care for the immediate needs of on-site guests and customers
We can be operational seven days a week, 24 hours a day during busy or seasonal periods
Our telephone operatives are highly trained, responsive and knowledgeable about your specific products
Our team handles reservations & bookings, booking amendments, cancellations, credit card orders

We capture caller information for future marketing opportunities
Typical Transactions
Individual product queries
Credit card orders by phone
Billing and booking queries
Returns, complaints and cancellations
Escalated queries and issues

Contact DMG Consult today to discover how our experienced inbound call centre team can support your customers through their experience with you.