February 28, 2021


With operators who are skilled and experienced in handling complex and high priority calls and situations, DMG Consult is there for your customers when they need it most. We analyse calls to assess severity, troubleshoot to find a quick solution, or if this is not possible, handover all the necessary information to your on-call personnel.

When a call comes in, it is quickly routed to an experienced operator who will follow a bespoke framework that has been specifically created for your individual requirements. They will triage the call, assessing its severity, troubleshoot any issues to identify a quick solution and extract all the necessary pieces of information to pass over.

With a wide array of situations which may occur within the Facilities Management sector, DMG Consult are best placed to react to any situation, whether it may simply be handling your overflows calls or providing an escalation process built around your business needs.


Emergency Engineer Callout
Whenever your customers have an emergency, you need quick and efficient solutions. Our operators triage your customer calls to ensure priority is given to the most pressing situations. And we can pass over all relevant information to your on-call engineers to have issues resolved as soon as possible.

24hr Helpdesk Support Service
Give your customers round-the-clock, dedicated support with a highly trained help desk team. We are available to work alongside your in-house teams to handle high call volumes or provide extra call handlers outside of office hours.

Virtual Switchboard
Our virtual switchboard services ensure a smooth and professional customer journey, 24 hours a day. Our operators are always available to patch calls through to the relevant member of your team. Or, if this isn’t possible, they will take a message and email it directly to the intended recipient, maximising efficiency and maintaining the highest quality of service.